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Regimental Badge

65th (2nd Yorkshire North Riding) Regiment of Foot

TV Picture Gallery

Ghost of Von Tempsky

    "Captain von Tempsky" with Forest Ranger  (JPG 24K)
"Captain von Tempsky" with Forest Rangers and British Army regulars (1864) (JPG 17K)
"Major (Inspector) von Tempsky" with Armed Constabulary (1868) (JPG 24K)

Photographs for "Von"  Tim Ryan


    "VC won, VC lost" - Russians outside Sebastopol (JPG 47K)
"VC won, VC lost" - New Zealand Militia, early 1870s (JPG 37K)
"Taratoa" - at Gate Pa (JPG 36K)

Life and Times of Te Tutu

    In our '40s pattern redcoats (JPG 22K)


  On board ship coming to New Zealand (JPG 38K)
  "Lord Halford's Militia" on parade before a battle (JPG 29K)
  Waiting patiently between scenes (JPG 49K)
  In a village with our Maori allies (JPG 49K)
  A flash of underwear (JPG 35K)

Photographs on this page Bruce Stewart, unless otherwise noted

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Updated 24 January, 2003