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65th (2nd Yorkshire North Riding) Regiment of Foot

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9. Modes of Firing

4. To Fire a Feu de Joie

For this mode of firing the men will be drawn up in line at open order, with shouldered arms, and bayonets fixed.

With Blank

In quick time, as per regulation. Muzzles of rifles to slant upwards when capping


As per regulation


Elevated in the air

The right-hand man of the front rank commences the fire, which will run down the front and up the rear, as quick as possible. When the right-hand man of the rear rank has fired, the whole will glance their eyes to the right to bring the rifle to the capping position and from thence to the loading position, and when loaded and capped they will remain steady, waiting for the word -

Ready, Present

As before directed

The same to be repeated a third time.

After the third fire, the whole will remain steady at the capping position, and shoulder by word of command.


As per regulation

Three cheers.

When artillery are present and are ordered to fire twenty-one guns, seven will be fired before each round of the feu de joie.

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Created 14 April, 2000