Regimental Badge

65th (2nd Yorkshire North Riding) Regiment of Foot

Regimental Badge

P A R T   I I I.



I. Names of Parts of the Rifle.

Recruits, before they commence to learn the Manual and Platoon exercises, must be taught the names of the different parts of the rifle, as shown in Plate X.


Names of parts of the rifle

II. Formation of Squad

Soldiers will be formed in squads of single rank to learn the Manual and Platoon exercises, after which they will practise in two ranks what they have learned in one rank, as directed in Part I., Section 40.

III. Instructor to Have Rifle

The instructor should always be provided with a rifle when at drill, in order that he may be able, practically, to show the recruit the required positions and movements.

IV. The Rifle to be used with Care

The rifle must be carefully handled, as any rough usage might loosen the cock, rendering its direct fall on the nipple uncertain, and thereby causing the rifle to miss fire.

V. How to Carry the Rifle

Rifles when unloaded are to be carried with the cock down on the nipple; but when loaded they are to be carried at half-cock, except by men on sentry, who are permitted to place the cock down, in order to secure the cap in its place.

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Updated 12 June, 2001