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The Rambling Soldier

I am a soldier, blythe and gay,
That’s rambled for promotion.
I’ve laid the French and Spaniards low;
Some miles I’ve crossed the ocean.
I’ve travelled England and Ireland, too,
I’ve travelled bonny Scotland through,
I’ve caused some pretty girls to rue,
I’m a roving, rambling soldier.

When I was young and in me prime,
Twelve years I was recruiting
Through England, Ireland, and Scotland too,
Wherever I was suiting.
I led a gay and splendid life,
In every town a different wife;
And seldom was there any strife
With the roving, rambling soldier.

In Woolwich town I courted Jane,
Her sister and her mother;
I mean to say, when I was there,
They were jealous of each other.
Our orders came, I had to start.
I left poor Jane with a broken heart.
Then straight to Colchester did depart,
The roving, rambling soldier.

With the blooming lasses in each town,
No man was ever bolder;
I thought that I was doing right,
As the king did want young soldiers.
I told them tales of fond delight,
I kept recruiting day and night,
And when I had made all things right,
Off went the rambling soldier.

The king permission granted me
To range the country over,
From Colchester to Liverpool,
From Plymouth down to Dover.
And in whatever town I went,
To court all damsels I was bent,
And to marry none was my intent,
But live a rambling soldier.

And now the wars are at an end,
I’m not ashamed to mention
The king has given me discharge,
And granted me a pension.
No doubt some lasses will me blame,
But never once they can me shame,
And if you want to know my name,
Just call me the rambling soldier.

This version is the Rambling Sailor, but I'm pretty sure it's the same tune. Click this link to go to the music score of this song.

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