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Background to this song. I found this song in a collection of letters written by Corporal George Tatler, 6th company, 65th Regiment, to his mother and sister. He was killed at Moturoa in 1868. I have included the entire letter and retained the original spelling and punctuation. There is no tune included, but I strongly suspect that the tune to it is Balaclava, although British Grenadiers scans to it as well (but seems far too cheerful, considering the subject).


January 11th 1864

Dear Mother
These lines were composed by one of the volunteers after the Batle of Rangirriro and I shall Martha to find a air for them

The Fall of Rangirriri 20th Nov 1863

What will they say in England
When story it is told
of Rangirriri's bloody fight
and the deeds of the brave and bold
twas then the Rebels made a stand
resolved their lives to sell.
Charge after Charge our fellows made
and numbers of them fell

First dashed the gallant 65th
In vain they fought though well
then leading the Artillery
the noble Mercer fell
and then the Rebels had a chance
to fire upon poor Jack*
and though they fought like lions loosed
they too were driven back

On friday twas the fight commenced
late in the afternoon
soon Rangirriri's silent hills
flung back the cannons boom
right bravely fought our gallant troops
Each did their duty well
before the morning sun could rise
Te Rangirriri fell

Two hundred men for quarter cried
and soon laid own their Arms
for fighting in the open fields
the Rebels hath no Charms
We lost some noble officers
likewise some comrades dear
and thousands followed to thire grass
and dropt a pitying tear

All honour to the brave say I
to those who fought and bled
lets join in praise of those who live
and sorrow for the dead
yet while we join with one accord
to rase the song of joy
lets not forget the soldiers wife
not the soldier's Orphan Boy


* Jack Tars - sailors

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