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65th (2nd Yorkshire North Riding) Regiment of Foot

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Battles and Engagements involving the 65th in New Zealand

Here is a list I have compiled of battles and engagements involving some personnel of the regiment. I have listed all officers reported to have been there. There are sure to still be some who were not listed in the reports.

Note: This is not a definitive Order of Battle of all who fought there, only the names of the 65th Regiment involvement.

I will soon be adding more details as I find them.


6-10 August 1846

Cowan – “The force landed by the “Levant” consisted of Captain O'Connell, Captain Newenham, Lieutenant McCoy, Lieutenant Turner, and Assistant-Surgeon White (65th); Ensign Barker (58th); eight sergeants, seven corporals, and 162 rank and file of the 58th and 65th Regiments.”

St John’s Wood (Wanganui)

20 July 1847

Note:  Regiment received 1853 pattern Enfields in 1858.

Te Kohia (L Pa)

17 March 1860


28 March 1860


6 November 1860


31 December 1860

No. 3 Redoubt, Huirangi

23 January 1861

Elements of 65th Regiment present - 2 companies came from No. 1 redoubt to relieve 40th Regt.


4 June 1863


17 July 1863


Cameron Town

7 September 1863

Only men of the 65th Regiment in this battle.

4 privates also awarded DCM - William Bulford and John Talbot - helped Ryan remove Swift's body and remained with it all night, Benjamin Thomas and John Cole -  remained with Butler all night.





Pukekohe East Church Stockade

14 September, 1863



20 November 1863


20 February 1864


21 February 1864


30 March 1864 – 2 April 1864

Gate Pa

29 April 1864
Captain Warren, Lionel Smith  - with No. 3 Company -  part of ‘Moveable Column’


24 January 1865


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Created 2 March, 2008