Regimental Badge

65th (2nd Yorkshire North Riding) Regiment of Foot

Regimental Badge

The 65th [Yorkshire North Riding] Regiment of Foot

Nicknames: 'The Royal Tigers' and 'Hickety Pips'.

The 65th sailed to New South Wales from England, provided guards on convict ships during 1845 and 1846. Two companies of the regiment were moved in 1846 to the Bay of Islands, but arrived after the fighting ended. Other detachments were stationed in Auckland. By 1847 the whole regiment had been moved to Wellington, a detachment of which took part in the skirmish at Horokiri. Companies of the 65th relieved the garrison of the 58th Regiment in Wanganui and took part in the fighting there. The regiment remained in garrison in Wellington and Wanganui for 14 years. The 65th Regiment was the only British regiment to serve in both the fighting in the 1840's and the 1860's.

The year 1860 saw the headquarters of the 65th Regiment based in Auckland, but in February of that year the regiment sailed to New Plymouth. It was soon in action at the 'L' Pa at Waitara, and a detachment of the 65th stormed the rifle pits at Mahoetahi. During 1861 the regiment was strongly engaged at the sieges of Huirangi and Te Arei. At the cessation of hostilities the regiment was withdrawn to Auckland where it was stationed first at Otahuhu and later at Drury. A detachment returned to New Plymouth when the Second Taranaki War broke out and were present at the storming of Katikara Pa in June 1863.

The outbreak of the Waikato War saw several companies of the regiment stationed along the Great South Road and in September 1863 a detachment of the regiment was heavily engaged at the skirmish at Camerontown. The 65th sustained losses in the unsuccessful attack on Rangiriri Pa and moved forward to Paterangi from which it advanced against the village of Rangiowhia. Detachments of the regiment were present at the action at Hairini and the siege of Orakau. In 1864 a detachment of the regiment took part in the Gate Pa battle.

[See map of the North Island for location of these actions]

The 65th Regiment remained in garrison in the Waikato and Auckland areas before sailing for England in October 1865.

Tim Ryan