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36. Formation of Squad in Two Ranks

The squad will now be formed in two ranks. The men will fall in with shouldered arms if armed with the long rifle, with ordered arms if armed with the short rifle; taking their places in succession, commencing on the flank on which they are ordered to form; each rear-rank man will be placed one pace of 30 inches from his front-rank man, measuring from heel to heel, and will cover him correctly, looking at the middle of his neck; the two men thus placed forming "a File". When the squad consists of an uneven number of men, the odd man will be placed the third from the left of the front rank, and will be called "a Blank File".

37. Dressing

The front rank will dress as described in Section 25. The rear-rank men will continue looking to their front, and will cover and correct their distances as the front-rank men take up their dressing.

38. Marching to the Front and Rear

A squad in two ranks will be practised in all the marches and varieties of steps which have been taught to the soldiers in single rank.

  1. The front rank will touch as directed in Sections 23 and 24.
    The following additional instructions are applicable only to the rear rank.

  2. Covering and Distance. - The rear-rank men, while marching to the front in line, must be careful to preserve accurately their distances and covering. When retiring the same directions apply to the proper front rank.

  3. Blank File while retiring. - when retiring in line a soldier being a blank file, after facing or turning about, will step up and occupy the vacant space in the proper rear rank. After halting and fronting, or turning to the front, he will resume his original place.

  4. Marching with Trailed Arms. - 

39. Taking Open Order

1. From the Halt
See Formation of a Company in Line.

2. On the March

Rear Rank
take Open -
  • Open order is only taken when marching in slow time.
  • On the word Order, the rear rank will mark time one pace,
  • and then move on steadily.
Rear Rank
take Close -
  • On the word Order, the rear rank will lengthen their pace until they regain their proper distance from the front rank.

The squad will always be ordered to march by the right and to shoulder arms before taking open order.

40. Manual and Platoon Exercises, and the different Modes of Firing

These exercises and modes of firing will now be practised by the squad in two ranks, on the principles already taught.

41. Wheeling

1. Wheeling Forward from the Halt

  • The pivot man will move as directed in Section 27
  • his rear-rank man uncovering by taking a short pace to his rear with his right foot, and a pace of 21 inches to his left with his left foot.
Slow or Quick -
The squad will step off,
  • as directed in Section 27
  • the rear-rank man of the pivot file regaining his place during the wheel,
  • the remaining men of the rear rank will follow their front-rank men, keeping their proper distances, and covering.

A squad will wheel to the left in like manner.

2. Wheeling Backwards from the Halt

As directed in Section 27; in this wheel the rear-rank man of the pivot file will not uncover, nor will the pivot man raise his arm.

3. Wheeling on a Moveable Pivot

As directed in the first part of this Section, and in Section 28.

42. The Diagonal March

As described in Section 29. In addition the rear-rank men must be cautioned to preserve their relative positions with their front-rank men, in order that they may be found to cover correctly, when they are halted and fronted.

43. File Marching, Wheeling in Files, and Fles forming Squad

1. File Marching. - File marching will be practised on the principles laid down in Section 30, care being taken that the rear-rank men dress correctly by their respective front-rank men.

2. Wheeling in Files. - Wheeling in files will be performed on the principles laid down in Section 31; the outward rank stepping rather longer during the wheel, especially with the outward foot.

3. Files forming to the Front. - A squad marching in files will form to the front on the principles laid down in Section 32, the rear-rank men following their front-rank men; the font-rank man only of the leading file will mark time, the rear-rank man will turn with the rest, and move round into his place during the wheel.

4. Files forming to the Reverse Flank, or to the Right or Left About, or to the Pivot Flank. - When a squad marching in files is required to form to the reverse flank, or to the right of left about, the rear rank will form as described in Section 32. The front-rank men will move round their respective rear-rank men, and form successively in front of them. A squad will form to the pivot flank simply by halting and fronting.

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