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65th (2nd Yorkshire North Riding) Regiment of Foot

Regimental Badge

Ammunition Box - Small-Arm

The British Army 560-cartridge small arms ammunition box of the period was a wooden box with a sliding lid section on the top. It was held together by brass self-tapping screws and glued.

My sources quote that "those for tropical countries are made of teak, with mahogany ends", which begs the question, what about non-tropical? I have made mine tropical.

They were unpainted and a paper label (included in plans) was glued, using shellac, to the box.

The lid is secured by a brass countersunk 2" screw, the head of which is covered by a wax seal..

The handles were rope loops at each end, with the ends spliced together to form handgrips.

Ammunition box

Ammunition box, packages of ammunition, cartidge and bullet

Ammunition box, packages of 10 rounds, cartridge and bullet
Tim Ryan

Plan - page 1
Plan - page 2 (including label)

Note: When printing plans on A4 paper, set your left and right margins to 10mm.

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