Regimental Badge

65th (2nd Yorkshire North Riding) Regiment of Foot

Regimental Badge

Original Uniform Items

This is a page of links to photos of original pieces, from units that served in New Zealand. It will grow as I get more items.


50th Regiment 1855 pattern

53rd Regiment 1855 pattern

43rd Regiment 1861 pattern


Shako Plates

65th Regiment, 1844 pattern, Officer

65th Regiment 1855 pattern, Other Ranks

65th Regiment 1861 pattern, Other Ranks (repro)



68th Regiment Pork Pie badge


Kilmarnock (Pork Pie) Numerals

12th Regiment

14th Regiment

43rd Regiment

50th Regiment

57th Regiment



14th Regiment

57th Regiment

58th Regiment

Medical Staff

Royal Marine Light Infantry


Cross Belt Plates

Royal Marines

57th Regiment

65th Regiment


Leather Equipment

Percussion cap pouch

Buff Ball Bag (Expense Pouch)


Belt Buckles

57th Regiment

65th Regiment


Cloth Badges

Colour-Serjeant McKenna's rank badge and Watch Chain



65th Regiment officer's uniforms


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Page updated 16 March 2021