Regimental Badge

65th (2nd Yorkshire North Riding) Regiment of Foot

Regimental Badge

Shako Plates

65th Regt. Officers Albert shako plate

65th Regiment Officer's '44 (Albert) pattern shako plate - belonging to Captain Octavius Marsh - photo thanks to Vicki Herbert.

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65th Regiment, Light Company, other ranks
'44 pattern shako plate
at Puke Ariki Museum, New Plymouth.



65th Regiment OR's '55 pattern shako plate

65th Regiment 1855 pattern Other Ranks' shako plate

65th Regiment 1861 pattern Other Ranks' shako plate.
Note: This photo is of a modern reproduction, available from E. G. Frames in the UK. (So bear that in mind if you are ever offered a very good condition 'original' ...)



68th Regiment Pork Pie badge - This is a Crimean dug item.


Belt Buckles

57th Regiment (the Diehards)
Note: This is probably a reproduction, but I have included the photo for information purposes.

65th Regiment
Note: This is a composite photo, made up of a photo of the buckle outer and one of the centre of the shako plate - meant for information purposes.


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