Regimental Badge

65th (2nd Yorkshire North Riding) Regiment of Foot

Regimental Badge

Picture Gallery

Some of the things we get up to...

With "our" Armstrong Gun At the Taranaki tattoo
At the Taranaki tattoo 'Hick' How do you plead?

In the bush dressed in a skirt Charge bayonets
  On the march With the cannon and Howick folk
  Feu! - 1860s French Infantry Vive l'Empereur Napoleon III
  Rebs restin' up front o' the ol' fence Rebs at the ol' homestead
  58th (Rutlandshire) Regiment c.1845 Sailor of a Naval Storming Party

  Thames at Boer War memorial rededication
    More Photos - from the TV Series we are extras in.
    Regimental portrait used as wallpaper on this site
More Confederate Photos

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Updated 27 February 2021